3 Quick and Easy Tips to Get Bigger Arms

Don’t we all want bigger arms? Spending hours in the gym and getting no results? Think about it, your arms are finally big enough to finally fit your t-shirt sleeve making you look bloody ripped and FINALLY you are getting the results you deserve. So next time you go gym, make sure you apply this technique to ensure you get maximum results.

  1. Tension

Think of it this way, more tension built = bigger your arms will get. As tension is gradually built, small micro-tears will occur in the muscle fibres and to heal the muscle fibres you will need to eat loads of protein which allows it to grow bigger and stronger.


Note: make sure you fully extend your arm to gain maximum results.

      2. Get the full stretch

Most of the time people do not perform the exercise correctly; I would like to say that they half do the exercise. Example is the bicep curl; you need to make sure that your arm extends all the way down. This targets other muscle fibres which allow your muscles to grow bigger.

     3. Protein is your best friend

Whey protein scoop. Sports nutrition.

Stack on your proteins. Ideally 56 grams of protein is recommended for an adultery man. You need your muscles to repair and grow stronger, how else are your muscles going to get bigger? I recommend investing in protein shakes as they are fairly cheap and they are quick and easy to use.

Tip: make pre-prepared meals for the week; include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This ensures you get your protein and you won’t skip a meal.

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